YOOTH refillable felt-tips pens

Lacquered or resin, with their solid, flashy or sober colors, the refillable markers of the YOOTH range reconcile the keyboard generations with handwriting as they are light (barely 15 g) and ultra handy.







An economical range

Inexpensive, the models of the YOOTH range are the allies of the distracted ones who constantly misplace their felt-pens because they are sold individually or in packs of 3 or 5.

4 diameters of felt tips

Extra-fine, fine, medium and broad, the 4 patented YOOKERS tips are interchangeable* and can be adapted to the body of the same pen.

*Felt-pen delivered with a tip of your choice. Additional tips are sold separately

A flexible writing style

The combination of the fiber that makes up the nibs and the water-based ink provide a writing flexibility that prevents writer’s cramp.

The tip glides over the paper without the need to apply any pressure.

The pleasure of drawing

The models of the YOOTH range are so light (15 g) that drawing becomes a pleasure.

A 2 in 1 pen

For those who like to feel the ball rolling under their hand, you can replace the felt tip with a rollerball tip and vice versa without changing the body of your pen.

With YOOKERS, you get ten times the writing experience.

Respecting the planet

Delivered without a box, the YOOTH range of felt-tip pens meet the requirements of today’s young people, who, concerned about the planet, also appreciate acquiring products without packaging.

Universal standard cartridges

Purple Lilac, Ruby Red, Apricot Orange, Black Onyx, Purple Amethyst, Cobalt Blue, Tahitian Blue or Malachite Green, YOOKERS offers 8 new colors sold in universal standard cartridges. Water-based inks for greater fluidity and quicker drying.

Our bottled inks

YOOKERS markers can also be filled with our bottled inks using a converter. Enough to turn your writings or drawings to the colors of the rainbow according to your desire’s moods.

A piston converter

Roller or felt-tip, YOOKERS pens can also be refilled with a converter* and an ink bottle to vary the writing color endlessly since it can be used with all ink bottles on the market.
A system sought after by those who wish to avoid throwing away too many plastic cartridges.

**Except for the YOOTH751

Yookers, a new writing experience

With its 5 interchangeable felt-tip and rollerball tips, its refill system with standard universal ink cartridges or a converter and an ink bottle, the YOOKERS pen signs the return of the pleasure of writing by hand.

A complete writing range

Yookers Rollers

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