Slide first refillable felt-tip pen a new writing experience unique design all our designs are timeless and perfect for everyone we love standard just use standard fountain pen cartridges technological advance a recognised technology and a patent pending worldwide with standard cartridges

Our felt-tip pen

a unique technology

Thinking outside the box, we decided to come up
with the first refillable felt-tip pen. Discover all its strengths…


a new writing experience

New experiences in life are always valuable and more often than not, powerfully memorable. Using a Yookers for the first time will definitely leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.
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different tips for different uses

The interchangeable tips, attached to the body of the pen, can be purchased individually and switched whenever you want to go from thin to bold with stops in between.
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the collection


resolutely modern
Available in black / brown


Available in black / red / white


Available in black / grid / grey


magnetic touch
Available in black / red / yellow


marble resin
Available in blue, orange, red