5 tips, 1 body

4 felt tips of different diameters and 1 rollerball tip, all interchangeable and adaptable, in no time, to the body of the same pen.
Innovation is what YOOKERS is all about.

You choose the tip of your choice when ordering, other tip diameters or the rollerball tip are then sold as options.


Felt tips


Roller tips

4 diameters of felt tips

Extra-fine, fine, medium, large, the YOOKERS brand offers 4 patented felt tips of different diameters, all adaptable to the body of the same pen.

Each model has a set of tips adapted to its design.

1 roller tip

A rollerball tip completes the range of the 4 existing felt tips to double the pleasure of writing and drawing and thus meet all the expectations of users.

Durable models

On a YOOKERS marker or rollerball, you can change the barrel, tips, cartridges and converter endlessly.

No more writing instruments that are thrown away because of a lack of spare parts. At YOOKERS, we multiply the tools to increase the pleasure of writing tenfold while playing the sustainable card.

Universal standard cartridges

Purple Lilac, Ruby Red, Apricot Orange, Black Onyx, Purple Amethyst, Cobalt Blue, Tahitian Blue or Malachite Green, YOOKERS offers 8 new colors sold in universal standard cartridges.

Water-based inks for greater fluidity and quicker drying.

Inks in a bottle

We can also fill the YOOKERS markers and rollerballs with our bottled inks and a converter. Enough to turn your writings or drawing to the colors of the rainbow according to your desires moods.

A piston converter

Rollerball or felt-tip pens, YOOKERS can be refilled with standard universal ink cartridges, but also with a converter and an ink bottle.

A system for those who want to avoid throwing away too many plastic cartridges.

Yookers, a new writing experience

With its 5 interchangeable felt-tip and rollerball tips , its refill system with standard universal ink cartridges or a converter and an ink bottle, the YOOKERS pen signs the return of the pleasure of writing by hand.

A complete writing range

Yookers Rollers

Rechargeable Felt-tip pens


Rechargeable Roller pens


360° Ball pens

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