Do the 4 felt tips and the rollerball tip fit all YOOKERS pens?

All 5 tips can be used on one body. Each model accepts all 4 felt tip diameters and the Roller tip. However, to perfectly fit the body of the pen, each YOOKERS model has its own collection of tips.

Does a felt tip fit head up or head down?

Felt tip pens and their spare tips are stored upside down so that the ink stays in contact with the fibers and does not dry out.

Is the YOOKER 360° rechargeable?

The YOOKERS ball pen offers outstanding performances since it allows to write at 360°, i.e. in the air, under water, vertically or horizontally, but it remains a ball pen, so it can be refilled like all those on the market!

However, you must choose the specific YOOKERS 360° refill, because, unlike all the refills on the market, it is pressurized and hermetically sealed to prevent the ink from being in contact with the air. A process that allows you to write at 360°, but also prevents the ink from evaporating or leaking.

Can I use an ink eraser with YOOKERS inks?

As with all brands on the market, the ink erasers work exclusively with the traditional blue color, namely Cobalt Blue.

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