My pen tip is dry, is there something I can do ?

Depending on the ink quality you are using as well as your usage, pigments can dry out (the aqueous ink used evaporates faster) in the tip fibres. The thinnest the tip, the fastest it will dry.

However, you can dip your whole section in lukewarm water for a while, and then run it under the tap for a mechanical action. Re-insert a cartridge, it will take a while until all water is gone for the ink to go back to 100%.

Can I switch cartridges colors ?

To change ink colors, from a light color to a darker one, easy just replace your cartridge, for the other way round, it is better to dip your section in lukewarm water before changing color, it will take a bit of time for the new color to be 100% (the time that it will take for the whole water to be drained from the tip!).

How secure is shopping on Yookers-shop, Is my data protected ?

Payments are only made through reliable systems – No private data is given or sold to any third-party.

Which payment methods are accepted in Yookers-shop ?

Paypal or Credit cards

How long will delivery take ?

It usually takes 10 to 15 days.