Choose your tip size

Yookers refillable felt pens exist with 4 different tip sizes. Extra-fine, Fine, Medium and Large.

My first Yookers.

A few sketches from Frank Margerin showing Lucien withit’s very first refillable felt pen.

Cartridge vs Converter : How to use it.

How to fill a felt-tip pen. The parts of your felt-tip pen. Filling with a fountain pen converter or inserting a fountain pen cartridge.

Yookers extra fluid ink

Yookers Extra fluid ink. A collection of 8 colors for felt pen or fountain pen.

Samuel Beckett could switch from English to French

Samuel Beckett could switch from English to French and the other way round.

Frank Margerin drawing with Metis refillable felt pen

Have a look how Frank Margerin is drawing in 90 seconds his favorite Lulu character with a Yookers refillable felt pen

Yookers vs Yooth

presentation of Yookers Metis black grid and Yooth 549 Ocean Blue

Unboxing Yookers pen.

Stationery Bee is unboxing Yookers Metis refillable felt pen and Yooth 549.

Writing demo on both Yookers and Yooth models

writing demo on Yookers Metis black Grid and Yooth 549 Ocean blue

How to Maintain your felt tip.

How to maintain your felt tip