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mayleemouse wrote a post on instagram ( @mayleemouse ) after using Yookers since a few months :

“A few art classes homework sketches and notes featuring the great @yookers_studio pen which I have been using everyday for the past few months ! I received a few questions about this pen so here is a little summary of my experience ! Spoiler alert, I’m really digging it ! This little dude is a refillable felt tip pen and instantly caught my attention when I first heard about it. I love using fineliners for sketching and writing but I must say I keep buying and tossing so many of them, I was totally in when I found out about a more durable and *almost* waste free alternative. The overall quality is brilliant and I love that they’re offering a variety of tip widths. After a few tries I personally went for the broadest one (1.4) and for now I’m using only blue ink as I’ve been gathering so many regular fountain pen cartridges since my childhood. Once I’ll been done with my cartridges stock, I’m planning on using a fountain pen filling system (basically a refillable fountain pen cartridge) in order to get a larger color choice and to get rid of more plastic waste. So far my experience has been really positive and I can only recommend these, I’m already planning on getting one or two more of them to be able to play with more colors and nib widths at the same time…”


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