4 tips for maintaining your YOOKERS felt-tip pens

If you forget your YOOKERS refillable pen for a while at the bottom of a drawer, when rewriting with it, it could struggle to write a few letters. Don’t panic, this is normal. Over time, the water that makes up the ink evaporates, causing the tip to clog with the pigments that have solidified. A quick cleaning of the pen is enough to restore its qualities and its flexibility and writing.


Never apply any pressure on the tip

No need to try to get the ink to flow into the the tip by pressing firmly on it, if the water has evaporated and if the pigments have dried, you will not be able to do so. Above all, there is a risk of damaging the fibers of the tip or even crushing them. Once cleaned, your YOOKERS felt pen will regain its writing flexibility.

Rinse the tip section under running hot water

For in-depth cleaning, unscrew the tip section and remove the cartridge. Place the section under the tap and run a trickle of warm water through it. The water will liquefy the pigment residues which will be eliminated from the duct leaving through the tip. The water is allowed to flow until it escapes clear and transparent from the conduit.

Let the tip soak in water

Once the duct is unblocked, to complete the cleaning, the entire section is soaked for about ten minutes in a bowl of hot water, again. This operation will clean the fibers that compose it in depth, make it look like new and rid it of all the pigment residues of the colors already used. Thus, your Ruby Red ink will not leave any traces of Black Onyx if you have written in black until then or will not turn green, if you were used to use yellow. Gently dry the nib with a sheet of paper towel before sliding a new ink cartridge into the section or installing your converter.

Clean your tips regularly 

To prevent ink residue from stagnating in the ducts of your refillable felt-tipss or rollerballs, take the time to clean them once a month. To avoid unwanted mixing, rinse it as soon as you change the color of the ink. Be careful never to use solvents, alcohol, washing-up liquid and never add anti-scale to the cleaning water, the consequences would be irreparable.


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