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Extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, the sizes of felt tips are studied to meet the needs and expectations of all users, but what aficionados of felt-tip pens are looking for above all is the flexibility of writing that the tips YOOKERS provide.


YOOKERS, flexibility above all

The YOOKERS brand offers 4 different tip diameters, all adaptable to the body of the same pen. But using a YOOKERS tip also means obtaining the guarantee of comfortable writing flexibility.


The tip of the detail, the diameter 0.8

It is the preferred size for those who want to achieve extremely fine lines such as draftsmen who like to use this fine point for sketches or architects to lay the first bases of a plan. But, the 0.8 or extra fine is also the felt tip for those who like to write very small without becoming illegible.


The everyday tip, the diameter 1.0

This is the size most used on a daily basis, because, beyond the regular line that it allows to achieve, this fine tip offers an easy to read and decipher rendering. It is perfect for taking notes quickly in meetings, during brainstorming, but also for making engravings or simply scribbling on the corner of a sheet.


The elegance tip, the diameter 1.2

Also called “medium tip”, the 1.2 tip guarantees a regular line. The ink does not show any difference in rendering depending on how you write. Its flexibility gives it a good quality of rendering, because it glides easily on the paper.


The extra large tip, the diameter 1.4

This is the tip diameter favored by those who like to make characters stand out, occupy space on the sheet, play with upstrokes and downstrokes, form round letters, draw with varying strokes, etc.


YOOKERS, The 4 tips with a single pen body

To avoid choosing, you can acquire the 4 tip diameters without buying 4 pens; This is one of the specificities of the YOOKERS brand, you can adapt and change the sections/tips according to your needs on a single pen body. It is practical and economical.

Test carried out with the YOOKERS PREMIUM METIS and the YOOTH 549 Ocean Blue by Stationery Bee.

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  • Mac Porter

    Just opened my new yookers matte black pen .. 0.8 .. and I must say it writes BETTER than any pen I have ever tried! I have always had a love affair with “felt tip” pens .. and this one simply blows away all the competition! Glides and delivers smoothly with a nice THIN line .. just like I like! I will definitely buy another!

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