Welcome to our new YOOKERS e-shop

We are happy to present you our new e-shop.

We wanted it more airy but with more contents and explanations. We wanted a more intuitive, more ergonomic navigation. Finally, we wanted to add advice, experiences, writing stories through our Blog.

You will discover (or rediscover) our refillable felt-tip pens and rollers through our Premium and Yooth ranges, all equipped with our system of interchangeable tips and adaptable to the body of the same pen, You will discover our collection of ink in bottles and universal standard cartridges and its 8 new colors, You will finally discover our latest novelty : the Yookers Ballpen 360 which, whether you hold it vertically or horizontally, point up or point down, will never fail you and will write without misfire and without ever failing, thanks to its refill Nitrogen pressurized and hermetically sealed.

At a time when keyboards and styluses have become the tools of an automated daily life, take the time to discover our writing instruments, rediscover the pleasure of writing by hand and push the door of those who have decided to make of “writing different”, their new art of living.

The entire YOOKERS team is there to support you.

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