YOOKERS offers a collection of 8 color inks

YOOKERS offers water-based inks for more fluidity and quick drying. Fountain pen inks that are aqueous, less heavy than those of traditional felt-tip pens and ballpoints. Inks to rediscover the pleasure of writing by hand.

YOOKERS offers a collection of 8 inks with new colors. Inks sold in universal standard cartridges or bottles. Lilac Purple, Ruby red, Apricot orange, Black Onyx, Amethyst Violet, Cobalt blue, Tahitian blue or Malachite green, YOOKERS offers a rich collection of 8 new colors in universal standard cartridges. Cartridges for refilling the brand’s felt-tip pens and rollers, of course, but cartridges that can also be used with most fountain pens on the market.

All YOOKERS inks are available in 30ml bottles or universal standard cartridges.

They can be used with the converter to refill the brand’s felt-tip pens and rollers but also to refill the vast majority of fountain pens on the market.




  • Jesús

    I would like to know if Yookers has distributor in Spain. Thanks

    • Phil Muse

      Please add a little info about your inks, such as why they are “extra fluid”, where they are produced, light fastness, dye or other base—that sort of thing. The colors look good; blue-black might be a good addition. I’ve been using a Yooth since the DC Pen Show and I very much like the concept and execution.

  • rohit aggarwal

    thanks for the information

  • Valérie Loetscher

    Bonjour, je suis illustratrice et j’aimerais savoir si l’encre Yookers est waterproof ? Je ne trouve pas d’information à ce sujet. Merci beaucoup.

    • sales@fluidwritingltd.com

      Bonjour Valérie ! l’encre que nous vendons n’est pas waterproof et nous n’en recommandons pas l’utilisation… Toutefois nous avons des retours comme quoi elle est bien utilisée ( mais cela demande un nettoyage post-usage !)
      Bonne journée !

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