YOOKERS PREMIUM and YOOKERS YOOTH, 2 ranges for all budgets


The influencer Stationery Bee played the game of comparison. She tested the black grid METIS from the YOOKERS Premium range and the YOOTH 549 Blue Ocean model.

Two ranges – one luxury, one more economical – but, if the bodies differ (some are in steel, others in resin), all the models are equipped with the system which makes all the originality of the YOOKERS brand: you can change the diameter of the felt tip without changing the body of the pen and all are refilled with universal standard ink cartridges or with a converter* and an ink bottle. * except for model YOOTH 751 that is too thin to fit the converter.




  • Elie Chahine Badr

    I purchased the Yookers Metis black grid pen plus additional front sections, and I must commend Lorette for the most amazing customer service ever! I am absolutely blown away by how helpful she was and I cannot wait to receive my new pen! I look forward to many happy hours writing!!

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